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I've watched all of awful squad and I need new streams to watch.

I've come to enjoy watching other people play video games while I get stoned and unwind at the end of the day. I like the polygon family of content because I'm pretty sure nothing terrible will be said / done on the stream. I don't really care what game is played.
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Response by poster: If I wasn't clear absolutely no racism or sexism or ageism or ableism etc.
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EthosLab on YouTube has hundreds of episodes of family friendly Minecraft content.
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Many A True Nerd has loads of videos, including several long multi-part series. To the best of my knowledge (and I've watched most of his stuff), he is not racist, sexist, ageist or ableist.
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I am also a big fan of the McCelroy brothers and Awful Squad. My other go-to for video game watching is Cool Ghosts. The Subterfuge Diaries were really interesting, and their Invisible Inc play-through got me to buy the game (and put 35 hours and counting into it). He's got more action oriented games in his backlog too if that's more your thing.
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I like Mostly Walking for this. The guys on there filled my McElroy watching slot before I watched/listened to the McElroys.
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I've been meaning to make a FPP about Eurogamer's Late to the Party series for quite a while.

Also recommended:

Outside Xbox
/ Outside Xtra
Nerdcubed (was recently on break for a month, but think he's ramping up again and lots of old stuff)

If you like speedruns, Games Done Quick's twice yearly events are great, but you'll often need to skip ahead into the videos to the actual start.
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All the video peoples you could ever need, probably
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No idea what Awful Squad or polygon is, but Superjombombo Let's Play has entertaining, upbeat, and funny walk-throughs of Kingdom Rush/KR Frontiers. I can't speak to the other videos there, but based on those two I'm sure they all have the same style.
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Giant Bomb have some great stuff, although some (like their PUBG streams) are only available to subscribers.
The Shenmue playthrough is great fun. They also have Endurance Runs (very long playthroughs of a whole game) of Persona 4 and Deadly Premonition.
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I really like some of the hearthstone streamers, Alliestraza and Firebat are two that I think are great and both are very positive and upbeat.
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Oh boy, finally the Ask question I am perfect for. I've made a list of streams where you won't see or hear terrible things.

LoadingReadyRun (Canadian comedy troupe that does video games, creative, magic: the gathering and other stuff. It is a troupe channel, with different shows so probably at least a few that you will like.

UnarmedOracle Cam from Loading Ready Run's personal channel. He streams a lot of challenging games, has a VERY friendly chat and is one of my all time favourite streamers.

CaffeinatedLemur Lemur streams less often, but his streams are worth catching for the OSHAman jokes and general dark humour.

HPBraincase HP is another stream with a friendly chat. I don't watch him as much as I once did, but he remains of my girlfriend's favourite streamers. Cat camera, and jukebox are on stream.

CBwastaken (My brother) My brother doesn't stream much, but I've lived with him long enough to know you won't be horrified by his streams. He is a film studies major and brings that background to the discussion when he plays.

Seabats The most experienced streamer I know in number of hours, accomplished by streaming every day for a year, at least a few hours a day. He fights with depression, and so his streams aren't always super upbeat, but he has a super supportive community and is very friendly.

Pixelmusement Canadian indie game developer. Plays on Sundays. Likes to talk about games he has played over and over for years, so his streams can be quite relaxing.

Pushinguproses I've only seen Roses stream once, but she has a great youtube channel, and from what I've seen her twitch streams are the same.

Kate Mostly streams PuBG. I don't watch her streams, but a lot of people I know do. Mainly streams Player Unknown's Battleground right now. Sometimes does crossover streams with Cam (Unarmed Oracle)

RebelliousUno A LRR fan who runs his own streams. Cool guy, relaxing streams. I don't watch him much as he streams when I'm at work, but I've liked what I've seen.

Featherweight_ Canadian artist who streams himself making art.

CantWearHats UK based streamer, so usually online when I'm not, but he does tea chats before each of his streams and is very welcoming.

Voxlunch Alex from Loading Ready Run. He runs a home stream, usually either creative or Dark Souls based.
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Ok, some freinds have pointed out people I missed:

Bengineering Ben does all sorts of games, has a super nice and supportive chat, and is generally very positive and upbeat.

Clyde Mandelin. Video game translator and author of theLegends of Localization series. Mostly plays NES and SNES games and talks about hidden features or compares translations. His wife Heidi often cohosts.

LunarJade Canadian women, often streams Miitopia and Stardew Valley. Again, won't tolerate hateful things in her chat.

Oh, and from time to time I stream, am I allowed to give the URL and blurb or is that not allowed?
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Edit: Better blurb for LunarJade via DialMforMara: Heather Dery of LoadingReadyRun's personal stream. Usually either crocheting or cute 3DS games. Her chat is very chill, and talk a lot about new anime.
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