What ballpoint ink refill is this? Sanrio
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Dear pen and ink experts: I'm trying to find a refill for a ballpoint pen and am having no luck. All I know is that it's definitely not a D1; the pen is by Sanrio, made in Japan, probably '90s. The refill shaft is smooth with no nubs or anything and looks very generic. It attaches to some kind of base and the entire length of the refill is covered by a spring. Photo attached- about 62mm in length, plastic.
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Have you tried Jet Pens? They specialize in Japanese writing instruments, and they have a section on refills. Email them with your question, and I expect someone will email you back.
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Wholeheartedly agreed on the JetPens rec. If they don't come up with something, you may have some experimentation ahead. It sounds like you tried a standard D1. Have you tried a mini-D1 refill? I would be looking for plastic refills from which you can carefully trim the non-writing end (being careful not to hit the ink reservoir!) if the diameter is right and the width is close. I like to try cannibalizing ballpoint Inkjoys to refill nice but anonymous ballpoints, and if you're US-based, the Target dollar spot section often has relatively short ball pens that you can open up to test out their innards on your Sanrio treasure. In fact, googling "Target dollar pen hack" should bring you examples of others figuring out similar refill quandaries.
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Er, middle part of the above should have said "if the length is close." Sorry!
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