Should I delay my optometrist appointment?
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I have an optometrist appointment today (in about 2 hours) to get a new prescription for my glasses. I was up really late last night working on my computer and didn't get much sleep. My eyes are so tired now they actually feel tired, which hardly ever happens to me. Will my eyes being so tired corrupt or negatively influence the results of the testing? Or maybe it'll make my prescription even more accurate? Or have no effect at all?

I'd call and ask the office but I'm sure they'd err on the side of not having me miss my appointment. What does the hive mind think?
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You could ask them what their policy is if your new prescription doesn't work out. I've gotten new glasses and discovered they were just all wrong and they retested my eyes for free and replaced my lenses with an updated prescription for free.
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I've gone to eye appointments like that. AFAICT it had no ill effect on my prescription. I think that's mostly written by the "which is better, 1 or 2?" part of the exam, which I don't think it would be different when your eyes are tired.

I think you should probably just go.
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It's been my experience that optometrists prefer that your eyes be relaxed and that you aren't squinting. If you're having trouble focusing when you don't normally, maybe mention that, but otherwise I don't think it would make a difference.
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