car titles and mail forwarding in California
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I bought a used car in California before moving to Pennsylvania, and never got the title in the mail. Help!

In early August I bought a used car in California, with cash. I went to the DMV to transfer the title and registration. Then I moved out of state, to Pennsylvania, before the title arrived in the mail. I had mail forwarding set up so I figured the title would just get forwarded to me there since it would be sent first class, but it seems mail from the DMV doesn't get forwarded for various reasons--apparently if something says 'Return Service Requested' it gets sent back to the sender, maybe with the new address, instead of forwarded.

What do I do to get the title without going back to California? Looking online I see a form for requesting a duplicate title but it seems to require being notarized (by a CA notary? it asks for the county in CA) and there's also something about needing to show up in person if you have a different address than is on file, so I'm not sure exactly how that would play out. I only need to have a different mailing address so I can get the title, and then probably transfer it to a PA title.

I am specifically hoping for advice from someone who has experienced something similar to this or works at the DMV rather than people's educated guesses.
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Response by poster: Also: I know I can change my address online. They divide that into mailing address, residence, and a location the vehicle is kept. Can I be honest and change my residence/location the vehicle is kept to PA and still have them send me the title, or do I need to pretend I'm only changing my mailing address for this moment? Like, will that trigger some instant thing to push me to register the car in PA (which I can't do yet because I don't have a copy of the title!)?
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try calling DMV in CA
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I needed duplicate titles when I moved out of CA this year. Because I lose things.
First I did the change of address forms. Waited to verify that they were in the system.
Then I requested the duplicate titles and paid those fees. The titles arrived within a month
If you read the form carefully, notarization is required for some things on it but not for titles. At any rate, we didn't notarize and had no problems.
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