What software will help accept and track donations?
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I'm part of large group of people (around 300-400), that are interested in pooling our money to do events. We've settled on doing monthly donations and I've accepted responsibility for figuring out how to organize this. Surely there's some software I can use to just give a link to people so they can send in a donation to a new Paypal account, right?

Being able to send reminders would be great, along with auto notifications when their donation has been accepted. Or is there another common way of doing these things. I'm totally new to this, so speaking slowly is totally fine. Assume I know nothing.
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I am a co-organizer for a group and we use Meetup.com. I really like the software - it's reasonably priced and the interface is very intuitive, both online and on the phone. It does what you are asking for, and more. Feel free to PM me if you have questions.

If your group is part of the #RESIST movement, it's free.
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