Make a map with multiple locations labeled?
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How can I input several addresses into a web form, with titles, and get a google map with their locations and perhaps a list below? Does anyone let you do this for free?
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Best answer: You can do this using the Google "My Maps" feature, with the "import" button. For instance you can make a spreadsheet (or Google Sheet, which could in turn be filled via web form) with a column for names and one for locations, and they will all show up on the map.
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Response by poster: Awesome, that's just what I'm looking for! Thank you very much.
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If you are looking to geocode the address, I've used in the past to do some batch geocoding. That also lets you convert between Google, Bing and Mapquest. There are some challenges with each of these, namely you generally have to register as a developer to use the batch geocoding api without getting smacked.
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