Is this a good enough gas stove?
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Our electric oven is dying and I'd like to replace it with a gas one; I've used them in the past and loved them but never owned one. This model is currently a great price - but is it good enough? Should I spend more for something better? Usage: Normal every day cooking for a family of 3. I don't bake often, mostly at Christmas.

The stove in question is here. Thanks.
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I checked Consumer Reports (my go-to source for this sort of thing) and they rate the model very highly. You have confirmed you have a gas line in place? If you don't, that will cost you.
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Yes, the gas line exists, we have to hire someone to set it up properly, but that's ok. I forgot another question - we don't have a hood that spits the exhaust outside the house (sorry for the bad terminology here, I don't really know what I'm talking about). Is that ok with a gas stove?
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A vented range hood may be a code requirement where you live. That being said, there is a calculation involved regarding house size and such that it may not be required (it wasn't for my open floorplan house) - and if your house is a certain age, it may be grandfathered in.

Best bet, if you are concerned is to call your county/city building department and ask.
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There are ventless hoods, although I do not recommend them, but they are betterthan nothing. That said, you need vent either way - invest in one - it's not about the type of stove. Ventless hoods are not that pricey, upgrade your kitchen. You'll bethrilled with the results!
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It looks like it has all the important features. As owner of a similar gas range, the cast iron continuous grates are a godsend: you can slide pots around easily and the heavy grates mean that you won't have any rocking and rattling when stirring something. Be aware, in switching from electric to gas, that the broiler will be different. First, it's just a straight line rather than the nice curvy electric element that covers a much larger area. Second, you'll keep the oven door closed while broiling which will keep the burner control knobs from becoming hot or melting, but may also delay the firing of the broiler if the oven cavity is already hot.
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We had pretty much that exact stove for 5 years before we recently moved. It was fine!
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Gas oven may take longer to preheat than electric. But that model looks nice and gas is the best.
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I think we have that same model (maybe the previous model, since it's a few years old). It's great. It's perfect. It's totally fine for everyday cooking. Our house has an old hood but FYI we only use it about twice a year, when we're searing something extra smoky on the stove. Otherwise, just open doors/windows or you'll be setting off the smoke alarm.
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We have an extractor fan hood. You can get one that mounts under cabinets if needed. Ours has a filter that can be changed, and doesn't vent to the outside.
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Hey, we have that range too! The broiler issue mentioned above is our only (small) qualm. It's hard to get that nice broiled char you can get with an electric oven. Otherwise, it's great! We especially like that the center burner can be swapped out for a griddle where you can make two grilled cheeses at the same time.
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in renovating our house, we thought about a gas stove but did some research and instead got an induction range. Absolutely amazing! Super efficient (you only heat up the pan, no wasted heat!) Lightening fast control, like gas, you can turn down the temp a notch and see the boil on a pot drop instantly.
we love it and would recommend checking them out!
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