Psychiatrist recommendations in the SF bay area
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Does any one have any psychiatrist recommendations in the SF bay area for anxiety & depression?

I asked this questions 3 years ago, but I ended up finding a psychologist instead thanks to some helpful people here. I looked at the responses from then, but they're not all current, so I thought I'd ask again.

My psychologist has some recommendations for psychiatrists (in addition to continued psychotherapy), but I'd like to get more names before I decide. Specifically, I'm looking for a psychiatrist for medication management related to anxiety (social/general) and depression. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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The Bay Area is pretty big - can you be more specific?
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I guess San Mateo-ish.
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The Psychology Today site is a good reference for therapists and the issues they address. A psychiatrist who's great for me may not be great for you - I'd recommend "shopping around," schedule appointments and meet with a few until you find one you connect with.
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