Is there an English word that means "object of my desires"?
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More specifically, is there a word that means "the person (or thing) that someone thinks about when they are masturbating."

Here are some examples showing how the word would be used. (I'm substituting grob for the word I'm looking for.)

Celebrities are very commonly used as grobs. A generation of American girls (and boys) grew up wanking off to images of Burt Reynolds.

Most of my grobs are former sexual partners, especially ones who I broke up with amicably. As a grob they'll do exactly what I want, exactly how I want it.

Do high school kids realize how often they appear as grobs for their classmates?

My new coworker has been the best grob ever! I go to be every night looking forward to extended fantasy play time with him.

Fetish is the closest word I can think of, but it has so many different meanings that it doesn't really make the point I'd want to make by using grob.
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"Fantasy object"?
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It's not quite right, but a related slang term is "spank bank"/"wank bank" (or "tank" instead of "bank").
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Definitely NOT fetish. I don't think there's a single word in English that is what you're looking for; the most recent vernacular that I know of is "spank bank material."
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I think you may have to create your own. Wankee. Fappee. Or twist the use of a word. First thing to mind: "thrall" (definitions: in the power of another, subject to a strong desire, or enslaved).

It could be used in numerous ways:
"My new coworker is the best thrall ever!"
"I need a new thrall - Betsy de Vos just doesn't do it for me anymore."
"I thralled my old high school biology teacher last night...."
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Masturbation fodder, material, or object will accomplish this.

Though "grob" is really growing on me.
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Best answer: Yeah, I feel like the answer to this is definitely now "grob".
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How many years I've waited for this moment: "Stroke Fodder" The name of one of my first bands.
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I misread your substitute word as 'grab', which I really like for this usage:
1. Grab has no current use as a noun, so its re-appropriation here is minimally confusing.
2. The verb 'grab' has connotations amicable to your usage requirements, both mentally ('taking and holding' something/someone) and physically (grabbing yourself, so to speak).

So regardless of how this question resolves, I'm using 'grab' for this.
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I think that you could consider "fantasy object" to be a compound noun. So while there may not be a single word that fits, there is a single noun that does.
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Desideratum (pl. desiderata) comes closest, maybe?
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In English, I've only ever heard "desideratum" used in a very academic context to mean "feature which a viable theory should have" -- I'd be surprised to see it used to mean "grob" except maybe as a very dry Humanities joke.
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succubus/incubus - bit of a stretch but definitely related
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Taking a detour via the wonderful German "Wichsvorlage", I found this discussion which suggested "jack off material" (for people, not just mags & vids). A current search for "I'm jack off material" yields just three results, tho. 10 for "she's...", but many going to the same site.
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Bate mate.
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I feel sure there must be an entry for this in Roger's Profanisaurus but I'm fucked if I can work out how to find it.

Das Krapital might yield something useful. Even if you don't find what you're looking for, you'll enjoy the search.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. This is very interesting. It seems like the sort of thing there should be a word for, but I guess there's not. Or at least there wasn't, until now.
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I'd think "jack-off material" was clear and sounded normal in the contexts you give — "used as jack-off material," "jack-off material for their classmates," etc. It's crude, definitely informal, and not the most gender-neutral phrasing (English-speakers apparently vary on whether they think people without penises can be said to "jack off"), but it gets the job done.

This is my most favorite editorial opinion I have given all day. Thank you for being more interesting than style guidelines for software documentation.
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Fap fuel?
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