Sunday daytime in Hanover, Germany
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I am going to a family wedding in Hanover, Germany, this weekend. My flight back to London is on Sunday evening, and most of the rest of my clan are returning to their respective cities earlier in the day. What should I do with my free time before I have to go to the airport? Will everything be closed?

I'm an artsy type so anything like a museum or gallery or interesting piece of history would be great, but the catch is that I'm on a real budget for this trip, so can't really afford any kind of organised tourist trip or expensive entry ticket.

Suggestions please lovely mefites!
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Try asking the local "expats" here too:
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Only the shops are closed on Sundays in Germany, all museums and other sights are open. (Museums usually close on Mondays instead.) The tourist information center downtown is open on Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

The most famous sights in Hanover are the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. The all-in-one ticket includes Großer Garten, Berggarten and Museum Schloss Herrenhausen and is 8,00€.

There's a overview of museums and galleries here and a list of tourist highlights here. Maybe the museum for caricature Wilhelm Busch (website, 6,00€) might be up your alley? Or how about the Sprengel-Museum (homepage, adult 7,00€) with its world-renowned collection of 20th century and contemporary art?

The city center was mostly destroyed during WW2, and the buildings that are there now date back to the 1950s and 60s, so they're mostly ugly, but the old town is worth a stroll. If you'd like to do a city tour on your own, take a look at walkabouts or check out the red thread where you follow a painted red line accompagnied by a 3,00€ brochure or an app.
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