I'm looking for a free language app with no lessons locked.
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I would like to learn french using a free app. I've tried duolingo and it's not for me. I've been using busuu but it has so many locked lessons that it's completely getting in the way of learning the language. I'm looking for recommendations for the best free language app with no lessons locked or at least very few locked lessons.
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Something called Mango is available free from one of library systems near me, thanks for reminding me I need to use my library card and get on this!

Check out the e-options from your local library. I have not used Mango yet, so I can't rate it for you.
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I've been using Clozemaster a bit lately. No locked lessons, just locked features such as favorites lists. It is very limited in what it does, but it seems to do that reasonably well.
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Say Something In Welsh used to be free the first level or two and then you paid but with free forum, it's since changed into 'learn any language with us' site i think it's ssiw.org or something, but i haven't used it since it changed as i started going to welsh lessons. The forums (improve your grammar! obscure vocab!) and practise-buddy aspects used to be its strong points
new website: https://www.saysomethingin.com/
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I've been enjoying Memrise, which is free. You get all the lessons, but "pro" just means the lessons have more features, like chatting with a local. There are paid and unpaid members at the top of the leaderboards.
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