5000 Most Frequently Used Domain Name Prefixes and Suffixes FOR FRENCH
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What are common pre- or suffices for French Domain names?

I asked a very similar question but got no good answer because I was not able to clearly describe the problem. I need some pre- or suffices for domain names that work for the French language. Let's say for book (livre). I could use mylivre or livreshop but then I start mixing French with English.

Does SUCH a list exists for French?

I was able to find this: "Among the terms used .fr domain names in December 2012, "france" and "paris" and are still in the lead, but are now neck and neck: some 12,300 domains each contain these terms, separated by a difference of only four domains! The term "paris" has risen sharply since the last survey, which was carried out in the summer of 2011 (+43% in 18 months). Other terms present in the top 10 are by descending order: "immobilier" (real estate), "hôtel", "location" (rental), "saint", "restaurant", "service", "web" and "auto". Furthermore, an analysis of the terms most commonly found in recently registered domain names (over the last 18 months) also shows the year "2012" (2,500 new domains) and the word "serrurier" (locksmith) (2,000 new domains), probably related to an SEO operation. Finally, the terms containing the most frequently used diacritics are currently the preposition "à" followed by the names of "crédit", "santé" (health) and "hôtel"."

But I need some more generic terms. Any ideas? This can't be so hard.
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This is not a direct answer to your question - but the utility Wordoid can be used to generate novel words that can be potentially registered as domain names - and which can be set to work with the pronounceability rules of more than one language. (I used to find me a domain name which worked in both languages).

You can also use it to select French only and to not exclude existing domain names. This will give you a reasonable idea of your question.
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