Recommend a publishing platforms for a minimalist photography magazine?
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Hello. I work for a small minimalist photography magazine that focuses on political essays too. I am wondering if anyone could recommend some free (and paid as a last resort) publishing platforms that share photography photos from a minimalist angle? Here's a synposis: "A keen eye for pattern, light, comical essence and allegory are the key ingredients in what we publish." Also, are there any publishing platforms or literary magazines that will promote (or advertise) and publish political essays for better traffic for the minimalist magazine? Thanks again.
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When you say "publishing platform" do you mean web publishing? Print publishing? Free is a pretty hard requirement to match for either of those, at least if you don't want to do a lot of the work yourself; Medium is the only thing I can think of that might approach what you're looking for.
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@Aleyn Hi, thank you for the response! Yes, good question. I meant web publishing that focuses on publishing photography photos and political essays for the minimalist magazine if that clarifies things! Yes, thanks for the recommendation--we do use Medium, in fact, it is the only tool we use. Yeah, Medium is the most popular one. Though I am having difficulty finding others similar to Medium or that focus on minimalist photography.
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Wordpress, themed appropriately, would certainly be my choice.
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@humbold32 Thanks! I will check that out.
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There is also Issu, which seems easy to use and makes some slick looking stuff. I haven't used it much, though.
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