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I wish to be someone who "knows fashion" and is not "basic". I currently live in a pretty androgynous-feminine space, haven't figured out how to stop wearing skinny jeans and can't be bothered to search for fashion inspiration. I'd like to know what the current silhouettes are (is it really just... very baggy everything?), how to wear them, and use that as a basis going forward. Is there a blogger who does broad-strokes work like that?

I work in the entertainment business and would like to not look like someone's aunt from out of town when attending events.
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I find You Look Fab meets a lot of my needs for information about current fashion trends. I like the way Angie dresses herself, particularly: it's trendy without being too complicated, with clear lines and bright colors. She does nice breakdowns of why some things work and has lots of advice on how to dress particular body-types and how to wear currently fashionable looks. Also great advice on capsule wardrobes and accessories.

I also really like Corporette, which has pretty good advice for women working in a more professional environment. I've caught some good deals from their daily "Workwear Report", which goes from crazy expensive on Monday to pretty cheap on Friday. Today they have a Boden knit dress with sleeves, which is my jam.
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You Look Fab is EXACTLY WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR. Thank you thank you thank you.
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I like Girls of a Certain Age. She has a lot more disposable income than I do, but I've picked up some good trend tips from her.
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I actually went to go seek out my most stylish friend just because of this post, since she sent me this blog three years ago, it was transformative, and then Evernote ate all of my notes pre-2016. But she very kindly replied this morning with the exact right blog! Yay!

Anuschka Rees is the blog in question, and it is fantastic. YouLookFab was my first introduction, but I find that some of her styling suggestions venture way too conservatively for my liking sometimes, and I prefer hands-on framework approaches to my own styling.
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Unfortunately I don't have a blog to recommend, but, I would also recommend reading up on fabric, clothing construction, and quality thereof, and finding a good tailor/seamstress (in unfamiliar towns I have gone to a high-end boutique and asked for recommendations -- they often have business cards under the counter, and this has worked out fine).

Because even the most killingly of-the-moment perfectly-flattering-colour whatnot looks lousy in person if it is made cheaply from poor fabric and if it does not fit you right. A lot of alterations are way cheaper than you would expect -- I buy used and have a very talented lady periodically come by with a box of pins, and end up with well-made stuff in lovely fabrics with up-to-date styling and shapes for less than the price of mall stuff by doing this.

If you are anywhere out of the "norm" when it comes to sizes, check out blogs devoted to finding stuff that works for your height/weight/shape, too; if you can't wring anything else of use from them you can at least sort out what manufacturers are doing a good job of catering to your shape.

Reddit's /r/femalefashionadvice skews a bit young and does not always care as much as one might like about personal style vs that which is "in" -- but they do know their stuff in a number of areas and make good recommendations, good critiques if you upload pix and ask for same, and a decent understanding of timeless classics (and a good selection of same is a good way to upgrade a wardrobe; nobody, male, female, adult, child, has ever looked bad in a nice pea coat).
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Would The Sartorialist help at all? Lots of ideas and inspiration at least, if not instructions. Highly regarded as far as I'm aware.
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Upon rereading your AskMeFi, YouLookFab completely suits your needs. If you ever want to expand upon the silhouettes and Angie's advice, I'm reading this article from Anuschka Rees and it is totally blowing me away: 10 Step Wardrobe Revamp

On the subject of finding clothing quality, here's another blog post that Anuschka Rees covers. How to assess the quality of garments: a beginner’s guide {cheat sheet}
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