Rings on the wing
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What's the best way to ship a jewellery item from NYC to Toronto, Canada?

I own two rings (total cost when new was about $2500).

They are currently at a friend's house in NYC. I'd like them shipped to me in Toronto.

I have an unlocked exterior mailbox, and would concerned about theft if they were delivered there.
I don't want to pay unexpected border fees or have them held hostage by some creepy shipping company, which has sometimes happened with packages I purchased on eBay.

What's a safe, reliable, and reasonably economical way for my friend to ship them?
What will it cost, and how should the rings be packaged?
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Where do you work in Toronto? Any chance you could get the rings shipped directly to you at your workplace?
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When will you be returning? If it's within about 2 weeks you could send them to a Canada Post Flex address via USPS and they'll hold it for two weeks.

A Flex address is a simulated P/O box. You sign up and you're given a P/O box number that you can use to receive parcels at a Canada Post location. You'll receive an email when it arrives, the service is free because it presumably costs less than home delivery.
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What's a safe, reliable, and reasonably economical way for my friend to ship them?

This is a 'Pick Two' scenario (I would pick safe, reliable...your desires might be different).

Fedex (possibly DHL) overnight envelope, with a signature required, maximum insurance coverage, to your place of employment, or a trusted friend's place of employment. The more expensive shipping option you choose, the better the tracking will be, and the higher the insurance amount you claim, the lower the chance of that shipment being messed up (No parcel company wants

USPS is cheap and somewhat reliable, but not nearly reliable enough for something that expensive. Mostly because of the hand-off that USPS does to Canada Post; thats where things go sideways.

Border fees might be unavoidable to a degree.
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If you saved the receipts from when you bought them provide copies to avoid duty fees.
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I have always liked the find a trusted person who is traveling from one city to the other to transport them solution, having had to do this myself.
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