Prison escape leads to dead end with skeleton
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Trying to place this story or film. Prisoner finds note leading to passageway. Following passageway leads to more notes "You're on the right track!" and such. Passageway gets narrower and narrower, prisoner is unable to turn back. Eventually passage leads to exit barred by steel bars and skeleton, presumably the author of the previous notes. Ring any bells?
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There's a sequence sort of like this at the beginning of Terry Pratchett, Going Postal:
And he took a more positive approach to the situation and had concentrated his mind on the prospect of not being hanged in the morning, and most particularly on the prospect of removing all the crumbling mortar from around a stone in his cell wall with a spoon. So far the work had taken him five weeks, and reduced the spoon to something like a nail file. Fortunately, no one ever came to change the bedding here, or else they would have discovered the world’s heaviest mattress.
It was the large and heavy stone that was currently the object of his attentions, and at some point a huge staple had been hammered into it as an anchor for manacles.
Moist sat down facing the wall, gripped the iron ring in both hands, braced his legs against the stones on either side, and heaved.
His shoulders caught fire and a red mist filled his vision but the block slid out, with a faint and inappropriate tinkling noise. Moist managed to ease it away from the hole and peered inside.
At the far end was another block, and the mortar around it looked suspiciously strong and fresh.
Just in front of it was a new spoon. It was shiny.
As he studied it, he heard the clapping behind him. He turned his head, tendons twanging a little riff of agony, and saw several of the warders watching him through the bars.
“Well done, Mr Spangler!’ said one of them. ‘Ron here owes me five dollars! I told him you were a sticker! He’s a sticker, I said!’
‘You set this up, did you, Mr Wilkinson?’ said Moist weakly, watching the glint of light on the spoon.
‘Oh, not us, sir. Lord Vetinari’s orders. He insists that all condemned prisoners should be offered the prospect of freedom.’
‘Freedom? But there’s a damn great stone through there!’
‘Yes, there is that, sir, yes, there is that,’ said the warder. ‘It’s only the prospect, you see. Not actual free freedom as such. Hah, that’d be a bit daft, eh?’
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I don't think this is it, but it reminds me a bit of The Enigma of Amigara Fault". You might enjoy it. Reads right to left.
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I was thinking, "Was this in a Pratchett?" as I read the post. And, well. ↑↑
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The Escape by JB Stamper?

Here's a PDF link

Terrifying, tbh.
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That's it! It must have left an impression upon me as a child.
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You know, for the kids!
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Haha. I asked this exact question a few years ago :)
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