Disaster Recovery - Mexico
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What are the reputable organizations providing relief help to the victims of the Mexico earthquake? Preferably not the Red Cross.
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GlobalGiving has a project up now: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/mexico-earthquake-and-hurricane-relief-fund/
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I know the person who is operating this fundraiser on GoFundMe. He is a longtime member of my Unitarian congregation and has been involved with the town of Juchitan, Oaxaca since he was a student several decades ago. He still visits for several weeks every year with his family. He knows people in the region who can get supplies directly to those affected. I find him very trustworthy.
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My Brothers' Brother (brothersbrother.org) is a Pittsburgh based charity that takes in-kind donations and gets them to where they're needed. When they're not doing disaster relief, they're providing clothes, books, tools, etc. to impoverished peoples in developing countries. Their Forbes charity efficiency rating is 100. They need cash to pay for shipping stuff.
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Best answer: Right now, Unicef Mexico and Save the Children Mexico are the best options to donate from outside Mexico. Oxfam Mexico's team is supposedly going to Oaxaca, but they don't seem to have a dedicated fund yet.

Thank you. They really need all the help they can get.
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The amounts in the links above are listed in Mexican pesos, not dollars. US$1 is around MX$18.
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Google's CEO here tweeted this link to donate.
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Best answer: I like giving to UNICEF, since I know they will work on getting kids back into school, a cause dear to my heart.
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