I need swag, just not so swaggy
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I need to hang a light about 2 feet from where the ceiling fixture is located. The only word I can think of for this is a swag, but that implies a drape, which is not what I want. I would like a modern, straight pipe-like thing that exits the light box, extends 2 feet parallel to the ceiling, turns at a 90 degree angle, and hangs my light. A ceiling hook that supports the weight near the bend is okay.

My Google-fu is failing me. I have not yet purchased my light, so if this is something that can be purchased that would be great. Key words to Google would also be nice. I have decent crafty-skills for DIY solutions, but no electrical experience. I'm picturing plumbing pipe and connectors, but ideally this would have a more modern, sleek look to it than industrial.
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Best answer: You want a conduit.
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Best answer: Like so? Looks like raceway and channel are also terms for it.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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