Book/article recommendations - Men's body image & positive masculinity
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I'm looking for book/article recommendations for a dude about developing a more positive body image and positive masculinity. Bonus points for materials that reference recovery from strict body-negative Christianity.

Hoping that the hive mind will be able to add to my list. I already have Original Blessing, by Matthew Fox, and will be getting his book The Hidden Spirituality of Men: Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine. Books that would appeal to someone who does not now believe in God would also be welcome. Anything that you have found useful in your own work around developing positive body image or positive conception of masculinity would be a help. It would be great if folks could offer things that they themselves have read - wading through the Goog is not helping me narrow things down. Thank you very much!
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I don't know about the Christianity angle, but if you're looking for positive masculinity, you could do worse than bell hooks' The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity and Love
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Assuming you can say so, in which way is said dude's body image currently negative? That may allow people to provide/suggest more specific resources.
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WCityMike, said dude says, paraphrased by me: just doesn't like his face, individual features or all together, think certain proportions are not normal or desirable, thinks about this a fair amount, can't take a compliment about his body or appearance because he just doesn't believe it.
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If it was weight, I was going to suggest Big Big Love. While Reddit can often be a trainwreck, there may be useful guidance in the "Physical Features" part of the /r/askwomen wiki. And, frankly, the philosophy of optimistic nihilism may be of use to him in this context.
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