Help me find non-(p)leather handbags
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I am trying to find vegan handbags that avoid the look and feel of leather (so, no fake leather). Specifically, I'm looking for slightly upscale examples that would fit in an office professional setting and look more like, say, a structured doctor-style bag and less like a tote bag (already have plenty of totes). Bonus points for ethical manufacturing practices.
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These are made of sustainable vegan cork and for every one sold the company plants a tree.

These are fabric and look as if they'd meet your qualifications.

These are made of recycled materials (used & retired truck tarps) and look as if they'd meet your qualifications.

Each of those sites offer alternatives, but I latched onto your no-fake-leather and doctor-style/structured requirements and those 3 seem to best fit that bill. They're all weather-resistant, so quite practical as well as being attractive and work-appropriate.
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The entire Matt & Nat line is vegan. Lots of structured bags to choose from. I like the texture of the bags but its not something I can't really comment on.

I own several and have been happy with all of them. (sorry for not linking, html is giving me a hard time)
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Rickshaw Bags seem to have some that fit your criteria. I'm a fan of their backpacks.
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I found my fabric Danny K. "zipper purse" at a thrift store and love it! Been meaning to custom order another one for a while now. The fabrics on the website switch out seasonally. No animal products, and made in the USA.
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Would a Kipling bag work? They do make a leather range, but all their fabric bags are vegan, IIRC.
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Seconding Matt & Nat. Because their products are super pricey, I set up a Kijiji (the Canadian equivalent of Craigslist) for alerts. I have purchased two of their bags secondhand, in excellent condition, and they look fantastic.
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Marla Pais seems to have a lot of cute cork bags (they advertise their vegan options, but I'm not 100% sure if they're an all-vegan company). Weirdly, you have to log into their website to view their full catalog and order, but they post a lot of options on social media if you just want a quick look.

Matt & Natt also has a cork line and a canvas line if you're not into their fake leathers.

Deux Lux has woven pleather options sometimes, which come across more like fabric from a distance, and some not particularly work-appropriate actual fabric options.

I really like Angela Roi for professional-looking vegan bags, but they're all fake leather. I do have one and can say that it's really nicely made and I would recommend the brand, but it doesn't help answer your actual question.
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