Ideas for what to do with myself if alone in Paris on New Year's Eve
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I'm brainstorming ideas for a trip within a trip all by my lonesome, and I'm considering being in Paris by myself on NYE. What to do that is fun and/or interesting and relatively safe?

Hi mefites, I'll be visiting family in Italy this Christmas, and while I'm very much looking forward to it, I don't often get to go interesting places when I go to Europe to see them because they live in the middle of nowhere. I'm thinking of going somewhere else in Europe for a few days, and am thinking of being in Paris over NYE since family in Italy is guaranteed to celebrate NYE by sleeping. Ideas for something fun and safe to do if I don't know a soul in Paris? Or other ideas for fun and relatively safe activities one could enjoy traveling alone elsewhere in Europe on NYE?

I'm comfortable traveling alone but typically don't venture out by myself at night in places I don't know well (and even then, I'm careful about venturing out alone) -- I've never been to Paris, and I'm a small female and so hyper aware about assault possibilities.

Additional info that might be of use: I'm 30, I speak some French (somewhat conversive, with many grammatical mistakes), I'm comfortable traveling alone and spending time alone, I like trying new things, and it would be nice to not be alone on NYE even though I'm looking forward to a solo trip.

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In a somewhat similar situation I met up with some people from couch surfing a couple of times/days prior and then hung out with them when I was in town for a celebration. Maybe something like that could work for you.
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I did NYE at the Eiffel tower in... 2012? It was loud and crowded, but relatively calm. Neat fireworks, then a ton of people going to the subway all at once
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In 2006 there were no fireworks in Paris. Just a bunch of us tourists standing on the Champs-Elysées looking dumb.

The best part of our evening was walking around the neighborhood we were staying in among the happy glowing people and going to a cheese shop, a boulangerie, and a wine shop for our supplies. Delicious, warm stores and crisp snow outside. Everyone cheerful. Go and find somewhere to be around people. Then hole up (like we did in our teeny hotel) and eat the things you bought while watching fireworks around the world on tv.
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If you want to be social:

When I don't know anyone in a place I tend to find a low-key pub or bar, sit at the bar and read articles or MetaFilter on my phone. If the bartender isn't busy or there are people around me I'll pause and throw out a casual comment - something totally innocuous like, "This is my favorite place in ," or "I saw for the first time today!"

If they respond positively, take a step further and ask them a question about themselves.

I just like having conversations with random people - everyone has a story.

That said everything's probably going to be way more crowded on NYE and people will be out with friends. If you can find some place relatively quiet near where you're staying the bartender will probably keep an eye on you - more importantly your drink - and you won't have far to walk home. Keep your eyes open for guys who leave at the same time as you, don't be afraid to go back to the bar or duck into somewhere else, walk home as tall and as fast as you can. Take a Lyft or a cab if you can.

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Meetup will definitely have events on New Year's Eve so you won't have to be alone!
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I was in Tokyo by myself one NYE, and treated myself to a fantastic meal, followed by a good cigar (I usually don't smoke them at all) and an excellent brandy. It was lovely, though I may have conked out before midnight.
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