What are some great Clinton Hill / Fort Green restaurants?
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Brooklyn food filter: I'm pretty close to Pratt in Clinton Hill, and looking for a place to do my birthday dinner with friends. I'd like it to be walkable, so let's say within a mile. I like pretty much everything - so type isn't a concern - but I'd like for it to be a sit-down restaurant. Preferably not too fancy. 15 to 30 dollars a plate would be the ideal range. I'm new to the neighborhood, so I'm open to all kinds of suggestions - even if I don't use them for this meal, it will be nice to know in the future.
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First thing that comes to mind in that price range is Black Iris. Middle Eastern pizzas, platters and small plates. BYOB as well.
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How many people? Most of these are smaller places, so probably wouldn't want to try and bring more than 6 people, but call ahead and ask.

I like Karasu- it's a great creative Japanese place, good for sharing small plates, secret door in the back of Walters. Alternatively I also like Walters!

Speedy Romeo is a staple popular fancy-pizza spot.

Colonia Verde is a great Latin American spot.

One of my favorite all-time spots is Locanda Vini e Olii--Italian place inside an old pharmacy. You can order wine by the carafe and they only charge you for how much of it you drink. And the pasta is amazing.

Roman's has a rotating menu, and is part of the Andrew Tarlow empire (Diner, Marlow & Sons, etc).

I have not been to Metta or Miss Ada yet, but they are getting great reviews.

Welcome to the neighborhood! I've been here five years and you'll find it's the best place in Brooklyn. Lots of reasonably well-kept secrets, and not enough random people passing through the area to warrant long waits at the local spots.
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Seconding Walters! Also General Greene.
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Locanda Vini e Olii is great! For pasta I also like LaRina, which is pretty small. Miss Ada was good, too, but quite small as well.
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Bar Bolinas on Myrtle is great. Sort of geared toward sharing, but you can do whateva you want there.
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I'll post more when I'm not in my phone cause this is my stomping grounds, but for now: Locanda Vini I Olli is at the upper end of your price range, but it might be the best Italian restaurant in New York, and that's counting Mario Batali's place and others at 5-10x the price.
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Response by poster: Ah- forgot to mention it before, but 4 people. I plan on making reservations regardless, so long as the restaurant accepts them.
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Luanne's Wild Ginger on Dekalb Ave is sooo good. It's pan-Asian (and vegan, but you wouldn't know it).
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I've made reservations at all 3 of my recs.
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I like Bati for Ethiopian on Fulton. It's juuust about a mile from Pratt.
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