Subaru - free oil change with oil consumption test?
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I own a 2013 Subaru Impreza hatchback that fell under the oil burning class action lawsuit. Long story short, I have been trying to do the free oil consumption test for the last year (two failed attempts with dealer here in Chicago; most recent, was supposed to do it at my last service but the representative forgot to document it). Now my car is due for an oil change, and I've scheduled the oil consumption test for Saturday. But the dealer is telling me I have to pay for the oil change? What's the deal?

I was under the impression that an oil change was part of the oil consumption test, which is free. The dealer is telling me I'll have to pay the $75 for an oil change but then can bring the car back in after 1200 miles to have it read for free. Which is correct? What has your experience been? I've scoured online and the verbiage is hazy. Is an oil change part of the actual oil consumption test? Thanks!
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Your car is due for an oil change, so you'd be paying for the oil change if there was no oil consumption test. What Subaru is paying for is the labor to do the follow-up check. Just be sure that, before you leave the lot, you wait ten minutes with the car off and then check the dipstick level; there are reports of dealers over-filling the sump during the pre-test oil change to reduce the apparent oil consumption during the test.
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