What can I make with semiprecious stone beads, other than jewelry?
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I have a LOT of semiprecious stone beads, and some crystal/glass/metal ones, ranging from big and clunky to seed bead size chips. I have made all the jewelry I can stand. What ELSE can I do with these beads?
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Bead art! Take a look at Marcy Sperry's work.
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This book, Little Bead Boxes, will work for your seed bead sized stuff. If you like the method, you could build larger ones with the larger beads. You could add them to a mosaic or upcycle small home furnishings like lampshades, frames and vases.
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Fishing lures, if they're not too precious.
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Beaded sweaters, blouses, robes, table runners, candlesticks.
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Does anyone really WEAR beaded clothing anymore, though? Will I be branded a ridiculous retro hippyfart if I wear beaded clothing? (I might be OK with that, but I'd like to know in advance)
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You can go hard on nail art.
I've been getting really into it lately, and with the right tools you can affix basically anything to your nails pretty durably.
(If you are into this, let me know and I'll recommend some products that have been working really well for me!)
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Frames for mirrors.
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Beaded clothing is totally a thing, and not retro at all.
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Beaded curtains. Either a large one for a doorway, or smaller ones for windows (or over a mirror), which would look especially nice with the crystal/glass beads.
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the most adorable decorated tchotchke boxes in all the land
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Buddhist malas?
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A large one, a smaller one, and some stiff silver wire, plus maybe some findings or smaller accent beads, can make some cool spiders.
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Beaded curtains for a window.
Beads and fimo decorating old books could be very cool.
For seed beads, crocheted bracelets can be worn in multiples. I know, jewelry, but very unlike other jewelry and uses lots of beads.
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Garden sparklers?
Beaded spiders?
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Sets of "wine charms" aka little rings all in different colors that go around the stems of wine glasses or the handles of mugs so everyone at a party can remember their own glass and not all give each other mono (and not accidentally mix their Chardonnay with someone else's Pinot gris) make a good host/housewarming gift and would use up many one-off leftover beads.

If your buckets of beads are translucent, you could do some fun experiments with resin and make some very cool almost stained glass meets Venetian glass looking things to hang in a window, or even make into the shade of a sconce or something, depending on your craftiness.
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Miniature dollhouse perfume bottles and jars

Knitting stitch markers

Beaded knitting or crocheting

(Yes, people wear beaded clothing, at least judging from the popularity of beaded knitting/crocheting.)

Beaded flower sculptures

Keychains or charms
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Add bits of metal and make windchimes.
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