Searching for material on recent South-South cooperation and development
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I'm interested in finding epistemic communities and reading material related to South-South civil society engagement in but not limited to the UN's Social Development Goals (SDGs). More after the fold.

I'm particularly interested to see how I/NGOs of "southern" or "non-northern" economies are cooperating with each other in areas of social justice and development. Several recent articles such as this piece indicated the challenges and limitations of the UN's SDGs and I would like to read more on specific case studies, if possible, relating to collaboration and capacity building.

So far, I've found helpful:
International Development Economics Associates

INGO Forum Myanmar

This previous question was also useful.

Thanks so much in advance!
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A network that comes immediately to mind (as I have personal experience with it) is Women Living Under Muslim Laws. As I'm sure you're aware there are also networks around many of the SDGs, many supported by the appropriate UN body (though these often have strong presence from governments) - eg through UN-Habitat for goals related to urbanisation. If you are interested in INGO/ UN/ government South-South collaboration and learning, extending beyond engagement between local NGOs across borders, that's basically a lot of what the regional offices of UN organisations (eg UNICEF ROSA for South Asia) are supposed to foster. Their website might have leads on conferences etc that they support.
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