Oily forehead -- why?
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My forehead these days feels sticky to the touch. Not so much a greasy look, but a tacky feel, as opposed to the rest of my face. Just curious.

I'm a Caucasian male of 57 years who's never had an abnormal problem with oily skin. And never had this situation before. It's not bothersome at all; I just wonder why when I touch it for any reason as the day goes on (often staying inside in air-controlled normalness), it feels oily-gummy. I hardly ever even sweat up there. In fact it feels almost like a different kind of oil than what my nose area might usually have, which seems more on the wet side. All I can think of is that about a year ago I used a dermo cream for a month to abort some AK. Fluororicide, I think. Everything cleared up fine. Actually, one dermotologist told me I should apply some daily lotion or something because it seemed dry to him. But I only remember that about 15% of the time. Is my body helping me out?
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Response by poster: P.S. -- I only wash my face every morning with cold water, no soap ever.
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You might try using soap.
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Response by poster: That would bring out more oil since it dries skin. This thing just started a few months ago, something's different somewhere...
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Bodies change as they age; the new factor could just be a different hormone production level. Or a new allergy that you're developing, or something in your diet, or ...
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Response by poster: Yes, that's what I'm thinking, age. Hormones...? Hm, no idea. Thanks. My diet is on the healthy side.
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By any chance is overspray from hair spray getting on there?
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Best answer: Look into a non-drying cleanser. Cetaphil gentle is a standard rec, I use a different gentle hydrating cleanser from a big box store because Cetaphil wasn't cutting it for me.

If that doesn't fix it, I'd try an exfoliant. Physical exfoliants - scrubs, anything gritty - can be harsh on skin and you sound concerned about that. I use chemical exfoliants - AHAs, retinols, salicylic acid are the major ones you'll see. Stridex pads (salicylic acid) are a cheap place to start, but different active ingredients work better for different people.

Or just talk to your derm, since you have one and you're worried about it.
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Response by poster: No hairspray. No worry. Just interesting. Not trying to cure it unless someone were to tell me it's a problem. Very occasionally I'll use Cetaphil or something, or of course shower water carrying shampoo happens, but I don't scrub it in.
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Best answer: Men experience changes in hormone level as they age. This change could very well be caused by that.
Andropause is a thing.
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So, I'm going to go the other way and suggest that you should try wiping down your face with coconut oil or a light oil like that once a day. Sometimes what can happen is that your skin is actually dry and over produces oil to compensate. One's skin definitely dries with age, too.
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Best answer: But why just the forehead? And tacky? Will seek advice of my ex. I wonder if it's when I don't shower for days at a time b/c I work from home, and maybe the scalp oils come down...
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