I lay down a while and I gaze at my hotel-like facility wall
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So I’m listening to the John McEnroe episode of Desert Island Discs. At about 04:25 he starts telling an anecdote about meeting David Bowie, and he says that he and Bowie were staying at the same place in London: “It wasn’t a hotel but a hotel-like facility.” What is he talking about? What is a "hotel-like facility", if it's not a hotel? Are there secret places where only celebrities and/or the super-rich stay?

Apologies if the link is geo-blocked where you are.
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Can't listen at work, but based on your description alone, possibly corporate apartments?
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I was going to suggest some kind of inpatient situation.
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Could be a club - they often have guest rooms for members to use when in the city, along with dining facilities and the like.
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This article refers to a 1982 instance of McEnroe meeting Bowie in London during Wimbledon. McEnroe was playing "Suffragette City" badly on his guitar and the Duke barged in.

Is there a private VIP facility for players and guests at Wimbledon?
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In one of the more recent novels* of William Gibson, he describes a hotel-like facility which is not quite a hotel -- guests have more freedom, things are paid for indirectly, help is more like personal staff, etc. I don't know whether these already exist (it is soooo hard to tell with Gibson, sometimes), but if they do, it sounds like what you're talking about.

* I think it's in Pattern Recognition, but it might have been Spook Country or Zero History or more than one of these.
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Apparently I'm the sole lowlife thinking "hotel-like" with, um, a certain clientele and a really, really dedicated and talented staff.

They made a movie about the one in Texas.
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ubiquity, that's what I was thinking of. I believe it was Zero History and I think it was some sort of club.
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It could have been a serviced apartment:
A serviced apartment is a completely furnished apartment available for both short-term and long- term stays. They are inclusive of utility bills and provide all of the hotel-like amenities such as maid service, reception and 24 hour customer service.
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At a certain level of rich and/or connected, people live in each others' houses. Richard Branson owns a mansion in London, stays there 7 weeks a year or whatever, rents parts of it out for business uses, and you might stumble over Bono in the Northwest Wing because he's in town for a couple days and a hotel's so public and impersonal. The house is staffed full time, various aspects of it are tax/business writeoffs, it's entirely possible that Bono's people receive some kind of invoice (I mean, probably not, but a John McEnroe might incur a bill) or that one could book such a place if one knew the right concierge/broker/assistant to call. It would function much like the Serviced Apartment above, but probably more fun and also a personal chef and the pool's got a disco ball in it or whatever.

There's also a long history of recording studios built into the sort of sprawling residential compounds as might accommodate a band + management + families/friends/entourage + producer + etc, so that bands can live/work right there. It's still very popular in the Caribbean, and there's a few around Los Angeles (as an example Max Martin does this, though on a smaller scale). I'm sure non-recording guest arrangements can be made in many of those places too.

Renting a whole staffed home isn't that unusual, and with the right kind of property renting or borrowing part of one isn't that strange.
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In an earlier version of the anecdote, he called it a hotel flat.
Bowie said it was a hotel.
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When Kim Kardashian reported she'd been robbed at gunpoint, there was coverage of the hôtel particulier where it happened. That seems to be the French variant of a mansion house, a big estate divided into (large) apartments privately offered to the wealthy, all rather hush hush. So in answer to your last question, yes. There are such places.
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Speaking of "hotel flats", I stayed in one for ~6 months in Brussels for work. Effectively it was a small apartment with a kitchen but got routine maid service. There was a small business services staff that could help out with things as well.
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