Tutoring for web dev?
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I do some simple web development as a hobby. I have a couple of projects that I've stalled out on, and I'm willing to pay for a couple hours of tutoring to help me understand the concepts I'm not getting. Are there legitimate websites where I'll get what I'm paying for?

I've Googled for web development tutoring and a few sites come up, but I'm not sure which one to try out, so I'm looking for recommendations on where to start. I imagine it would take 5 hours or less for me to get these concepts. This isn't career-related, it's just a hobby to me.

Yes, I've read documentation and followed tutorials. But I'm still stuck. The projects are:

1) Creating a Web Extension for Firefox for Android. I have the extension mostly working on desktop, but I haven't been able to find documentation on how to make it appear in the Firefox for Android menu, and it has a few errors I'm struggling with.

2) Creating a simple site to send push notifications to Chrome or Firefox on my phone. I don't actually have practical use for them, I just think it would be cool to play around with and might be useful later.
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My company does this for Drupal development. The key term you are looking for is mentoring. "Android mentoring" brings up lots of options on Google. Can't speak to the quality of any of them.

The freelance sites might be an option too, although a bit more of a crapshoot on the teaching ability of the developer that you hire.
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Is there a meetup for Android developers near you? The people at meetups are more than happy to help with problems just like you're describing. And they're usually free!
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You could always try metafilter jobs.
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For your second question I definitely agree that a local Android developers group seems like a great avenue for exploration.

For your first, I have to think that the community of people creating extensions for Firefox for Android has to be relatively minuscule. I went and checked out Mozilla's Developer Site and they hilariously suggest Stackoverflow as a place to get development help. That certainly works if you have a targeted question but falls down when you need help with a broader topic and/or you don't know where to start. The Mozilla Dev site does suggest that they take bug/enhancement requests for their documentation so you should definitely document what you found to be deficient. It won't likely help you out in the immediate short term but it is the nice thing to do and it might hook you up with people that know the answers.
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A friend of mine had good luck with finding coding help at CodeMentor.
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If I can suggest resources for number 2, I've used OneSignal for push notifications. Pretty easy to use.

I also learned a little more about how to set up notifications directly, without a service like OneSignal, by working through Home Assistant's tutorial/documentation, but that's probably not what you need.

Regardless, feel free to send me a message if you have questions about either of those.
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Contact the computer science department of a local community college that has a web development program. Since you're offering to pay, a faculty member or advanced student might be interested.
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