Book/film with friend dying noisily in tent
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What is the book/film that's thriller/horror, has some friends that are, I think, stranded on an island? One of the men gets some kind of infection (in his leg perhaps) and spends a few days dying loudly and unpleasantly alone in a tent while the others increasingly try to ignore him through disgust/guilt....?
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The Beach?
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Is it The Ruins? They are on top of a Mayan temple or something. Jena Malone stars.
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It's the Leonardo Dicaprio one, The Beach

Googles tells me Danny Boyle directed, and I already knew Tilda Swintin was in it. Never saw it, BUT OMG THE BOOK IT WAS BASED ON WAS SO SO GOOD.

(and I think maybe based on a true-ish story...)
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Definitely The Beach. One of the characters is badly attacked by a shark and gets gangrene in his leg and it's so uncomfortable for everyone else to listen to (they can't take him to the mainland for treatment because they don't want anyone to know they're on the island, plus his cries are disturbing their utopia) that they abandon him in a tent away from the rest of camp.
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Hmm, I've read both and it could be either but I don't think it is.... I kind of feel like he cut his leg on some kind of coral rather than it being a shark bite?
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Nthing The Beach. I haven't read the book but it's possible that for the movie they changed the detail of how the injury occurred while the retaining the larger consequences of the incident.
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One of the early episodes of Lost has something like this. The federal marshal gets an infection in his leg, I think. Or just some other grisly injury.
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Seconding The Ruins. This definitely happens in the book, at least.
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I thought of Lost as well. The Marshall is injured in the initial plane crash and everyone starts to think about putting him out of his misery. It's mostly in season 1, episode 3, "Tabula Rasa".
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I too thought of LOST.
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Scrub to 1:11 here for the Beach, sounds like what you want. The Ruins shows women in a tent being distressed over the sounds of the wounded/dying man. I think it's the Beach you want.
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Was it the movie version of Lord of the Flies? In the book, the pilot of the plane that crashes dies on impact, but in the movie he lives and is delirious. He escapes from the camp to a cave and his dying groans lead the boys to think he's the beast on the island.
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Definitely sounds like LOST to me.
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Are you thinking of The 100? Near the start of the first season, Jasper is speared through the chest. In the third episode, he's doing a lot of moaning (and eventually screaming, as Clark tries to excise the infected flesh) which puts a damper on Camp revelry. Some Campers grizzle to Bellamy that it's bad for morale; Bellamy tells Clark that if Jasper isn't better the next day he's going to kill him. Jasper is still moaning in the night; Murphy decides to kill Jasper but is locked out by Octavia.

Not sure if it's in the books.
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Nthing The Beach, for all the reaons given..
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I remember something like this. It may have been one of the "Twilight Zone" knock offs or something along those lines. People are on an Island, or somewhere tropical. The guy dying has a worm in his ear (put there on purpose) and he screams because of it, and is ignored. Can't remember anything else other than it was very intense.
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