Music recommendations, African and S. American vintage dance/funk
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I have £50 to spend on itunes and I'd like to explore some new musical areas. I have included examples below of what I'm looking for, what I would say they have in common is a dirty funky sound, very danceable, quite old (60s-70s), originating in Africa or South America mostly.

Though I have only included one African track below, I am really interested in that kind of stuff.But anything that fits this mood would be interesting.


Detroit Sex Machines - The Stretch
Manny Corchado - Pow Wow
Idrissa Soumaoro Et L'eclipse De L'ija : Nissodia / Lp : Ampsa
Assagai - Cocoa
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Are you already familiar with Fela Kuti? If not, start with him.
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Miriam Makeba, Pata Pata
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I don't have any direct recommendations for you, but this is well worn territory for DJ Detective at The Adventures of Encyclopedia Sound. His archives might point you in the right direction (and listening to his show going forward is right up your alley). He bounces between Latin America, Brazil, the Caribbean and Africa, but I've heard a ton of music on his show that would fit your description.
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You want South African township jazz.
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If you're willing to stray into the 80s, Pitchfork just heaped praise on the collection Doin' It In Lagos.
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...Which might lead you to Nigeria 70.
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These are more psychedelic jazz than funk but:

Mulatu Astatke
William Onyeabor
Sun Ra

And here's an entire NPR story about the lost masterpieces of Ethiopian funk and jazz.
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You might like the Love Is A Real Thing compilation.

You might also like this Roots of Chicha compilation.
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A previous Metafilter post on Prince Nico Mbarga, who created what may be the most popular song of the modern era, Sweet Mother, led me to discover many gems of African music. There are four or five more good recommendations for other singers in that thread as well.
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My favourite track from this album.
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This is a great compilation: Diablos Del Ritmo Part 1: The Colombian Melting Pot 1960-85 (some of it is sneakily on YouTube but you can buy it on itunes as well). In fact I've found everything I've heard from Analogue Africa so far to be brilliant.

Several similar promising 70's West African compilations reviewed in this Guardian article.

I also really liked this album of 60s & 70s funk and soul from Belize, Belize City Boil-Up.
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You could have a browse through the Analog Africa releases, I think quite a few of those would be to your taste. Probably start with Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou for that dirty funk sound. I think they’re all available on iTunes as well.

(I would personally recommend that Hallelujah Chicken Run Band album, but it’s not really the sound you’re looking for)
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You might like "Drums of Passion" by Babatunde Olatunji - if you have not heard it. It was released back in 1960 is still, I believe, the world's best selling album of drum music.

You might like some of the Kwela music of Spokes Mashiyane also.
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1. Don't know how you feel about 'Spotify' but it's a great way to listen to lots of music, to see if what you think you'll like you really do. A great way to stumble upon good music.

2. The above recommendations are pretty damn great.
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