Looking for a piano tuner in or near Athens, Georgia
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Who's the best piano technician in or around Athens to service my Yamaha G2 grand piano?

The piano is being moved and will need, at a minimum, to be tuned. Ideally I'd like somebody to evaluate the thing and see if any other maintenance is also necessary, although I think it's in pretty good condition and has had only one owner, so maybe not.

I've tried Google and found a number of options, but I have no good way to decide between them. Who's the most knowledgable, experienced, and reliable piano technician in my area that the hive mind can personally vouch for?
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Best answer: I think there is still a piano sales and tuning service located right in downtown. Its been there for decades and in Athens that means they are doing something right. Near Pulaski, I think its Chick.
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Response by poster: Yeah, Chick was my first thought and if nobody chimes in with a personal anecdote they're probably the people I'll go with by default. I admit that I've never really been that impressed with their service or selection as a music store, but since they do specialize in pianos and until now I've always been there for non-piano stuff, I guess I shouldn't let that prejudice my decision.
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Response by poster: Turns out that Chick doesn't do tuning and service themselves, but they were happy to give me their contact list of local technicians, which worked out great.
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