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I am looking for a cheap device that will monitor and log the fluctuations in temperature and humidity in our home (bonus for Indoor + Outdoor monitoring system) and from which I can upload to a computer via WiFi or USB or something similar. So that I can then track hourly, see graphs, etc. for the humidity fluctuations etc in the house. We have issues with window condensation in the winter so thought this might be a way of helping with that.

There is one here for £100 but I was hoping to find something cheaper. Labfacility: EL-WiFi-TH - Wifi Temperature & Humidity Data Logger
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I bought a few of these Rooti CliMate things when they were a Kickstarter. They seemed to work okay, but I haven't used them for a few years now.
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Lee Valley stuff is usually decent. It's maybe a little cheaper, if you're in North America.

Lee Valley Environment trackers
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Actually, try direct from the manufacturer for a little bit cheaper...

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I have this system. I have one wireless tag in my bedroom, and another one outside on the back porch. They both connect to the same base station. The system has been working well for a couple of months. I did have one sensor fail, but it was my own fault. It got wet from rain, and it wasn't meant for outdoor use. I bought a replacement that's specifically listed as being rain-proof, and it's been working fine on the porch.
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Sensorpush is about $50 http://www.sensorpush.com
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