What's the best replacing to American Apparel?
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I went to American Apparel as they fit me (skinny guy) and at least in early years were surprisingly high quality. The basics endured years as work clothes. What's the alternative? Bonus points for being in stores, not just online.

I'm talking about boring clothes like khakis and solid button downs. They look stylish enough and fit without being too edgy. Tried H&M (fit, cheap, but low quality) to boring such as Brooks Brothers (too stodgy). Maybe AA just fit my body type but I found it hard to find something similar without going very expensive.
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Whoa submitted this on my phone. Totally garbled the title! Please ignore that, thanks.
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I know you specified in-store, but AA is back with an online presence, so if there are basics where you already know the fit, it may work for you.
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Maybe I'm old school, but the Gap comes to mind for basic basics.
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This is an online suggestion, but I also have a body type that worked well with AA, and I've had good luck with Asos for affordable well-made basics. Also seconding Uniqlo and adding Muji.
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Not sure if they're available offline, but the Canvas 3001 is a nice shirt in the AA 2001/401 mold.

Dov Charney's doing basically the same thing—LA production, identical fit, models staring unnervingly into camera—with a new company, Los Angeles Apparel. (So similar that the new 100% cotton unisex T is the "20001.") He was... not the best part about AA, by any stretch, but I don't necessarily trust that AA's new owners will hold to the same quality/production standards.
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Eddie Bauer has some good choices (and they're the only place I found where I can get pants with a 35" waist instead of skipping from 34" to 36"). I usually go to the store at my local mall (where they always seem to have a 40% off sale), but they sell online as well.
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In addition to Uniqlo and ASOS recommended above, try Zara.

Urban Outfitters basics might appeal to you too.
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I can't speak to the men's fit but a similar aesthetic, selection and price range would be Everlane.
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Alternative Apparel is all the good things about AA, without the awful advertising. They're like the adult version of aa.
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Seconding (thirding?) the Uniqlo suggestion. I'm both short and slim and it's the only place I can reliably find clothes that fit. Topman and ASOS both work for me too sometimes but I'm pushing 40 and a lot of their stuff is too youthful for me. Target's new Goodfellow line is also a possibility. I haven't tried anything on yet but I've heard from people with my build that that line works well for them.
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Uniqlo and Old Navy both have slim sizes and decent quality in the stuff you're looking for.
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I'll happily second or third Uniqlo. 6'3" 155lb male here. They've got a lot of slim cut stuff, and even their normal fit isn't cut too large. They've also got proper ringspun denim at completely reasonable prices, and it lasts forever.
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Uniqlo for sure; also maybe Cos and some basics like tees at Banana Republic.
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2nding Alternative Apparel.
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I just read an article today in the Guardian - Dov Charney got fired from American Apparel and has started a new company called Los Angeles Apparel that sounds like it embraces the same quality, design, and ethics (both good and bad) of American Apparel.

"Sleeping with people you work with is inevitable."
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Everlane is really good for reasonably-priced, high-quality wardrobe basics; I don't know about their slim fits. They are mostly online actually do have a store in Soho.
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American Giant - no points for brick and mortar but bonus points for still made in the US!
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