The Weekend Starboy Tour - how long do individual concerts last?
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The Weekend Starboy Tour - how long do individual concerts last? Typically. Understanding that each show is different, but, you know - in general. We're anticipating Boston here, so the follow up is, how difficult to get public transport from TD Arena to South Station for a 9:30 PM train on a weekday night. Frankly, I'm not optimistic but, you know - knowledge is power.
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Response by poster: Follow up - if driving, any advice on parking? I see TD Garden as asking 45dollars which is a bit steep to my mind.
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Best answer: No idea how long the concert will last.

However, public transportation in Boston is great! TD Garden is only a ~20 minute walk from South Station anyway (and a very safe walk at that), and a 10 minute train ride -- just get on the orange line, literally right next to TD Garden, get off at Downtown Crossing, and a walk a minute from Downtown Crossing to South Station. Trains come every ~10 minutes at that time, I think.

If you're driving, probably the best bet is to park somewhere in the suburbs/less centrally, along the orange line if possible, and take the orange line back and forth. Depending on the number of people in your car, this could be not much of a better deal -- fare on the T will be 2.25$ each way.
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Given that there's two openers (Gucci Mane & NAV), the Weekend will probably be done by ~10.15, 10.30 so I wouldn't advise the 9:30 train. For parking, sidek is right, park on the orange line, my recommendation is station's landing / Wellington parking garage. Shouldn't be more than 7$ for the parking, plus the 2.25 (or 2.75 if you don't have a charlie card) per person each way.
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