Best blogs or video channels about keeping plants (not gardening)?
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I want to read currently updated blogs about keeping large collections of cacti, succulents, tropicals, ferns, and/or other types of houseplants, please!

I love keeping houseplants and have over a hundred species; my biggest collection is cacti & succulents but I also have an interest in tropicals and ferns. I participate in GardenWeb and reddit forums, and read llifle entries and the like. I used to read a couple blogs, too, but the ones I followed have all since either stopped blogging or severely limited their focus and are no longer interesting to me. I really like reading blogs written by people with similar collections/interests, though, and I'm pretty sure there are a number out there that I'd love but just don't know about.

I am not interested in gardening; if the blogger occasionally mentions it that's fine but there are a number of blogs out there that are like 70% gardening, 30% houseplants, and that's unfortunately not my jam. I'm also not very interested in seed growing/propagation posts so if that's most or the whole of the blog it's probably not for me. Blogs geared for beginners in this type of hobby are also not what I'm looking for.

I enjoy when bloggers discuss their own collections, society shows, sales, etc. and include a wide range of species. Desert Plants of Avalon (the YouTube channel) is along the lines of what I'm seeking and both video blogs or written blogs work well for me. Content can be in English or Spanish, do not have to be based in the USA, and should be still actively updated now, not just have good archives.

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Regional Facebook groups and Instagram are a big part of my plant reading/looking.
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Plants Are the Strangest People, mostly Schlumbergeras, somehow snuck into my gardening blogs file. I don't have any, nor many house plants, but I do admire his dedication.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure Plants are the Strangest People counts as one of the no-longer-interesting, severely-limited-in-focus examples.1

I looked through my Blogger reading list and . . . basically all of the blogs I've followed that ever had anything to do with houseplants are over or nearly so. (I blame Facebook. For basically everything bad in the last decade, but especially for killing blogs.) None of these exactly fit the criteria, but they're the closest I could come up with that are still actively updating at all:

The Variegated Thumb is probably technically more houseplants than outdoor gardening now, though the ratio is close, and he only manages a post every two weeks or so. Leans toward succulents (with a special focus on stapeliads) and uncommon aroids.
Cactus Blog is the blog of a Bay Area succulent nursery, and it posts more often, about interesting / unusual plants, but the posts generally don't have a lot of actual information to them.
The Houseplant Guru is pretty solidly houseplant-focused but averages about one post a month, and is likely more of a beginner-level blog than you're looking for.


1 Source: I am the writer of Plants are the Strangest People.
And limited/uninteresting is totally fair: I'm probably more aware than anybody that it isn't the blog it used to be. The choice was either narrow the focus or stop blogging entirely and join Facebook like everyone else. And I haaaaaaaate Facebook, so.

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Response by poster: Spathe Cadet, while I do admit PATSP is less interesting to me now in terms of scope than it used to be, you are such a good writer (and occasionally sneak in pop culture references I'm otherwise not exposed to) that you will not be removed from my bookmarks bar for as long as you keep on with any sort of blogging.*

Huh, so it's not just that I can't find the new bloggers, eh? Well, at the very least hopefully this post will serve as a signal that there's a niche to be served if people are contemplating what they could blog about!

*This can be verified if you check your site analytics for my location, lest you think I'm merely flattering you.
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