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I'm not much of a Tweeter; mostly I read, on my Windows 10 PC. How can I make sure I'm seeing *all* the tweets from the small number of folks I follow, without browsing to their individual pages?

When I browse to Twitter, some tweets are repeated (in case you missed it!) and some don't show up at all. I want to see everything that's been tweeted by the accounts I'm following since my last visit. It would be nice, but not essential, to see likes and replies too, configurable per user if that's possible. Free would be great, expensive is impossible for me just now, but I'd welcome a reasonably priced Windows app with the right features. Thanks!
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I use Tweetdeck, which is a Twitter product. It's way more configurable, imo, than using the Twitter website. It shows me the people I follow in reverse chronological order without the "helpful" stuff on the main Twitter page. You might try it and see what you think.
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Tweeten is a slightly improved Tweetdeck with better support for gifs.
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Tweetdeck also lets you make a column out of a list or a user, which is how I've ended up with 17 columns in mine.
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Twitter lists.

TweetDeck (to see the lists).

Sign up for notifications from the users, so you'll get pinged when they tweet.
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