The maple kind?
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I'm having surgery next week and will be laid up and medicated for a few days. I'll additionally be a nervous wreck as we may find out some very good or very bad health news. I expect my attention span will be fly-level and I might feel a bit down, but nothing cheers me up like a funny internet clip! What are your favorites?

The things I'm thinking of are the maple bacon dog or the incredible Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opener. Things I don't like are animals/people being hurt (so no blooper videos where someone falls out of a tree) or when people/animals are being teased (unless it's light-hearted and loving, kind of like the dog one above where he's not actually being teased). Talent show auditions are also okay, so long as they're not mean-spirited. (Happy ones are okay, too, but I'll probably already be in a fragile state, so maybe nothing pulling too hard at the heartsrings). I would like links to specific videos, rather than just compilations, unless they're really good.

Also acceptable: those funny Buzzfeed lists that showcase, say, the 20 times your dog wore your jeans better than you.
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Dash Swordslash never fails me.

I love fan-animated clips from the MBMBAM podcast (no previous knowledge required) like Pants Emergency and Three Deep in the Window.

Check out this mastiff doing agility.
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This particular installment of the Tiny Hamster series makes me laugh out loud. (Keep your eyes on the human, not the hamsters.) The Thanksgiving episode is funny too.

My best friend recently introduced me to Corgi Races at Canterbury Park. You can easily find the links for previous years as well. The commentator is PRICELESS.

This has nothing to do with animals or videos, but last fall, I had such pronounced anxiety that I could not focus on anything, and nothing would make me laugh ... except for Cake Wrecks. That blog gave me the first laugh I'd had in weeks.

Good luck with your surgery, and hope you get good news!
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The True facts about the.... series is awesome. I also love the series of Kids try foods from different cultures etc. The kids also do other things but the food ones are my favourites.

Good luck with the surgery and the recovery!
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This video always makes my day.
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A random few, though you may likely have already seen them...

Kruzah the horse and his rubber chicken

Harley the cockatoo discovers the satisfaction of screaming into a cup
(and others of Harley as well)

A different cockatoo plays peekaboo

Ryer, it's time to wake up!
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I learned about this on metafilter (metatalk) a few years ago. Bad Bad Leroy Brown done for the Lawrence Welk Show. This is the most hilariously interpreted performance to make the rounds since William Shatner doing Rocket Man, which I won't link because I'll assume you already know that one!
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Simon's Cat videos. I'm just linking to one, but there are a bunch of them.
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