Did I dream this TV show?
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In the 1980s / early 1990s I have a memory of watching a kids' TV show in South Africa called 'Good Stuff'. The show was either American or Canadian and started with a presenter talking about *something* and then went into a live-action drama during which some Life Lesson would be imparted. At the end of the show (and possibly intermittently throughout it) the presenter would reappear to comment on what was happening in the drama.

The logo for the show consisted of the word 'GOOD' on top of the word 'STUFF' with the 'U' in 'Stuff' stretched out so that it formed a smiling mouth underneath the two 'Os' of the eyes.

And yet... THERE SEEMS TO BE NO REFERENCE TO THIS SHOW ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET! There are other shows called 'Good Stuff', but not the educational drama with the smiley face logo I remember! Could it be that I am mashing together memories of different shows, was this a segment in a bigger programme, or am I just doing a 'paint roller in the face' on myself?


Was it a dream?
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Here's a hit, but it's very incomplete and not clear whether it's your show. It had "presenters." On preview, doubt it's what you're looking for.
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I have vague memories of the sort of setup you describe (although what I remember were the pauses/interruptions being something like "What do you think Suzy should do in this situation?" so I don't know if that matches up) and I think it was a segment of some other show. No idea what, though (but it seemed PBS-y from the era where PBS stations in the U.S. used to show educational programming during the week so teachers could show them in classrooms) but the era matches up. However, since you were in South Africa, I'm wondering if it was repackaged as Good Stuff there.

I sadly think a lot of stuff of this nature has just been lost to time.
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