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Hey there! So, you may remember I asked about my parents' anniversary a while back - as it turns out, they took that over from me anyway, and so all I needed to do was send out the invitations and report back with RSVPs, throw some money at my brother for booking the venue, and then - showing up and looking cute. That last is the part I'm having the most trouble with.

My parents have stressed that this is a very, very casual party - they want people to be in shorts and jeans, and to be "comfortable". This will be a couple hours in an afternoon with snacky food and my dad's buddy's band playing oldies. But - it's still my parents' 50th anniversary, and I should make some effort. I don't do dresses all that well, though, so it'd have to be some variety of pants anyway.

We'll be on a beach in Cape Cod in the afternoon. The forecast is 70 or so. Would "relaxed business casual" be okay? How's khakis, a flowy oversized vest and a poet-y white shirt? Sort of like this idea?

(Unfortunately the party is Saturday and I will have ABSOLUTELY NO time to shop!)
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I think your proposed outfit is great! The main thing that elevates a respectable casual outfit to fabulous is accessories, so I'd break out some pretty jewelry or a light scarf to add some more flair. Otherwise, kick back, relax, and enjoy the party!
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Yes, that sounds fantastic. (Tim Gunn voice) "Accessorize thoughtfully" (/Tim Gunn voice). Cute shoes, a nice necklace or scarf, will go a long way. Consider a light sweater to go over top, the beach in New England this time of year is prone to be chilly.
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My parents have stressed that this is a very, very casual party - they want people to be in shorts and jeans, and to be "comfortable" [...]

Would "relaxed business casual" be okay?

Your parents were very specific and I think you should honor their wishes on this one. To me, shorts doesnt mean business casual. If you feel strongly about it I don't think it would be a huge deal, but I don't think it would be on par with shorts and jeans.
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Also, "relaxed business casual" is already very specific wording used on invitations to indicate dress code. I actually thought this was going to be a question about putting together a cute outfit with jeans or shorts, if that makes sense.
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How about a denim skirt and the same flowy blouse, kind of a compromise.
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Jeans and a pretty top are what I would do for this occasion. If you feel better in khakis than jeans, go for it, they're really not any more formal than a nice pair of jeans these days (aside from weird office dress code standards). You might just want to nod toward causal with your accessories and shoes - so flip flops or other casual sandals instead of closed-toe flats, for example. Fun plastic or wooden jewelry instead of your fancy stuff, and so on.
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Khakis and a white shirt are exactly what I think of when I picture Cape Cod casual, so I think you're on the right track. I don't think I've ever seen that combo look bad. If you've got khaki capris, I think that might relax it a little more than full-length khaki pants. Likewise for bagginess. And I'd probably suggest a little more pattern in the sweater, but I like the idea.

As for khakis being too dressy: I'm a dude who hasn't worn jeans in years. I wear khakis and a t-shirt literally every day of my life. The great thing about khakis is that they're as relaxed as you want them to be.
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Or if you want to go in a different direction, my wiffe's signature look is a solid-color t-shirt with black yoga pants, usually with a cardigan on top. It's obviously casual, but still nice enough that she's gotten away with wearing it to work.
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Wear the khakis. You will not be too dressy.
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To be clear, I don't think khakis are too dressy, I'm going by EC's own description of the outfit as business casual. I like all the ideas here that dress them down.
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I think jeans look better than khakis on most humans.
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I love that outfit, though I wonder if the long vest will be annoying in a beach breeze. I know it would be trouble in San Francisco.
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Thanks, all - it turned out to be the perfect outfit. Everyone else was wearing things from dresses to jeans to shorts, all the little girls wore dresses and my zaniest cousin even wore a suit blazer (which got totally covered with sand because he was playing "pirate ship" with the kids). Everyone was having too much fun dancing to "La Bamba" to care anyway.
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