Planning stuff to do in Boston in February?
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I'm going to be in Boston in mid-February, 2018, for a few days (which days are yet to be determined). What should my family and I do while we're there that requires advance planning? For example: when we went to DC, I got tickets to the African-American History Museum months in advance. I used to live in Boston but I don't know what's going on now. We've got adults, teens, tweens, with a variety of interests.
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I don't know if your dates are flexible or not but the big thing to me when I think "February trip to Boston" is that you don't show up right in the middle of school vacation which is the 19th-23rd because many interesting things there will be chock full of kids and families and will be a lot more packed than they'd normally be.
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Response by poster: Ayuh, that's around when we'll be there. It's extra motivation to get tickets or reservations or on waiting lists or what have you.
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Full disclosure, I have never attended, but your username made me think of Sheer Madness. You could also check out the 2018 seasons at the Huntington Theater and the ART for other live theater productions.

If your crew likes movies, the Boston Sci-Fi film festival is in February. Not sure if you'd require advance tickets but figuring out what you'd like to see, including what might be tween-friendly, would require some advance scouting.
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Sunday brunch at the most popular spots will require advance reservations.
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I think you've visited before, but if you haven't done the MFA, February's a great time to not be outdoors.

Looks like the Boston Pride are in town on (Sunday) Feb 18th if you'd be interested in women's hockey!
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Cool question!

If you or someone you know has a Boston Public Library card (you just have to live or work in MA), you can reserve museum passes sixty days in advance. The extent to which the passes are a great deal varies, but the aquarium was $30 a pop last I checked, so four free admissions is not nothing.
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Oh! Tasting Counter is a foodie restaurant in Somerville that requires you to buy tickets in advance.
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