Who said this mystery TV dialogue that pops in my head?
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For most of my life I've had one line of dialogue from either TV or a movie running in my head in random situations. Can you help prove I'm not making up tv shows and solve this thing that has bugging me for years? please?

None of my friends, or anyone I have met in the last 10 years knows what I am talking about so maybe you fine intelligent wonderful mefites will.

Background (in case it plays into it): Born 1975, in Canada but believe this is American media.


"No sudden movements"

This pops into my head when I see a bear, an aggressive dog, kidding with friends about sneaking by someone. The way I hear it in my head is more drawn out and lyrical. Like someone ( a child or a joking solider??) is singing in a light voice to not let the thing they are afraid of know they are here (this brings up vague ideas of either a) a solider sneaking through the woods with a group... or b) a group of children who run into a wild animal or .. b) a gang of teens running into a rabid dog (Stand By Me?). For some reason if it is the children one then I think it would be in a cartoon? And if it is a cartoon they could be somehow related to Bugs Bunny? If it is that then the kids are bunnies?

These details are vague but I'm hoping like the gold room and a candle and a boy you can solve this really annoying thing that I feel if I could just watch the scene where it happens I could stop thinking about!

(There is another phrase that pops into my head that I'll ask next time because of course I can't remember it now)
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Cheers! Woody Boyd is "wearing" thousands of bees for some reason, and urging everyone to make no sudden movements.
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Hmm... that's not close to what I remember but it could be. Do you have a link or episode number? I tried searching on YouTube but could only find a beginning scene of Woody getting a delivery of 4000 bees? It is a possibility as I used to watch that with my dad and also numerous reruns in old cable TV days... hmm.. maybe the other dialogue that I wanted to ask about but forgot is the cartoon and I've mixed up that with the no sudden movements one? You've given me hope! Off to search for a scene...
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FYI, it's Cheers episode 07x03, "Executive Sweet." Every Cheers episode is on Netflix, btw.
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Here's the transcript.
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You guys rock!! As you've solved a brain puzzle in no time and like it was nothing... You do a credit to humanity and I love you all! I borrowed (ahem) US Netflix from a friend and yup that's it!! What more amazes me is you got it despite the fact that all my suspected information was wrong except wild animal! I'll be back once I remember my other brain teaser of dialogue that also has been driving me around the bend.
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