ISO: the perfect black undershirts
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Looking for good quality black undershirts for my spouse to wear under his work uniform. Requirements: crew neck, available in 2XL, neutral to thin weight/breathable (he runs warm), and durable. I'll take any price point. (Purchased some Hanes brand recently and they are now like cardboard, crop top length, and have those weird splotchy discolorations all over them. Gross.) Thanks for your input!
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I was just saying today that I love my Calvin Klein men's undershirts. In fact, I'm wearing a black one now. I took a quick look around and couldn't find them in 2XL with a crew neck in black, but V neck is out there in black 2XL and crew necks have been made, they're just not in stock at some of my usual haunts. Very light, very comfortable, can pass for a regular t-shirt. Spendy since they're name brand, but worth it.
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If you google BDU undershirts you can find black undershirts for going under the everyday military uniform, they're designed to be more durable than regular tshirts.
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Politics aside, the American Apparel Fine Jersey crew-neck tee shirt is just about perfect.
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My husband has some from 32 Degrees that might fit the bill, if a technical fabric is okay. If not, seconding the military suggestion.
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My husband likes the Uniqlo AIRism tees. They are light, breathable, wash well, and come in up to 3XL in the US (XXL in the UK/EU). They have black (and white, grey, and navy), crew and v-neck.
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An ex of mine was obsessed with the Calvin Klein undershirts. Every time we passed a Filene's/TJ Maxx/Marshalls we'd go in and clear out their entire stock.
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Uniqlo is my go-to for all underthings and their AIRism undershirts are great. Their undershirts tend to last a very long time too.
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Nthing the Airism undershirts. They're sort of silky, which is a change from cotton, but they breathe really well. For colder weather, go with the Uniqlo Heattech undershirts, which feel more like cotton.
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My boyfriend loves Tommy John undershirts (and underwear) so much I think he'd wear only their clothes if he could. I also find them really soft to the touch! He's had his for about 2 years and treats them pretty roughly (washes and dries on warm/hot) but they're good as new.
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One other thing about the AIRism shirts is that they seem to generate a fair bit of static electricity. In drier months, at the end of the day there'll be a little light show when I take mine off, which for me is a plus because I can briefly imagine I have electricity powers. I am assuming it is some combination of the fabric, not using fabric softener and chest hair.
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Calvin Klein tagless undershirts are soft, long-lasting and breathable. The 2XL size are available at Casual Male and DXL. They come in crew neck. They are sometimes available in V-neck at the stores, although I don't see that option available online.

I also run warm. AIRism undershirts were too thick for me, but your spouse's mileage may vary.
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My husband is incredibly picky about t shirts. I bought him an Under Armour tech T and he promptly went out and bought himself 6 more which I was really surprised about as I thought he'd only ever go for cotton and these are synthetic - but cool and wicking as they're sports wear. UA stuff fits a larger man nicely and is pretty much indestructible. Have washed those tees every week for a year and they look as good as new.
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Response by poster: Excellent suggestions!! Thank you all, I'll be purchasing a smorgasbord and will see which option(s) work for him. So very helpful.
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Good luck!
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