What are your favorite things to do with egg whites?
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What are your favorite things to do with egg whites? We bought a pack of six cartons of egg whites from Costco this weekend without a clear plan for what to do with them, other than making egg white omelettes. Any good recipes for that or other things? Breakfast things most preferred, but anything else would be great.
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Smoothies. Great source of protein and you can't tell they are there.
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Bread pudding; sweet for dessert or savory for breakfast (or lunch or dinner)
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Angelfood cake. Specifically, Chocolate Angel Food Cake (which requires a dozen egg whites).
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Angel food cake. Meringues. Pavlovas. More ideas here.
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Coconut macaroons. 2.5 cups dry unsweetened coconut (from the bulk bin at Whole Foods, I haven't tested this with wetter flakes) 1/2 to 1 cup sugar (this changes the texture as well as the flavor), pinch of salt, vanilla, 2 egg whites. Bake on parchment covered sheet at 375 for 9-11 minutes (until toasty golden brown).

Add lemon or lime zest to the mixture (omit vanilla) OR dip the baked macaroons in melted chocolate.

You can weigh the portion of egg whites if you don't want to make three batches of macaroons all in one go. Though honestly, I can't imagine why anyone would forgo such an opportunity...

Actually. These will make you really....uh...."regular" really quick. So definitely don't eat three batches in one sitting. Please.
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A Pisco Sour is a very refreshing drink on a hot day.
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Chocolate pavlova. Crispy shell, decadently soft and squishy and chocolatey core. Top with unsweetened whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Every time I make it, it flies off the tray into people's mouths.
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Save some for Halloween and give yourself kid n play hair.
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Yes, pavlova!
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There's an old fashioned candy called divinity, but it took me years of trying before I got it to turn out.
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You have lots of Chinese options. Here are just a few from quick search:

Chinese Velveting 101: An Introduction to Water-Velveting

Asian Egg White Omelette

Choi Pong Hai (Egg Whites With Scallops and Broccoli)
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Whites make a nice finishing glaze. Baked potatoes, quartered, with a finishing egg glaze makes them crispy and almost like home fries. Almost.

Whites make a great adhesive for water gilding, so there's that.
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Skincare option: Egg white face masks.
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Yes, divinity! You will be the envy of grandmas everywhere. I agree that it can be a little tricksy the first few times you try, and it is ridiculously sweet. This recipe adds some smoked almonds for contrast which might cut some of the sweetness.
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Ramos Gin Fizzes come to mind, they are ridiculously good if you make them right.
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You can fold them into really delicious latkes in this recipe from Russ and Daughters.
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You can whip them to soft peaks, mix them with grated cheese and herbs/spices of your choice, blop them by spoonfuls onto a baking sheet and bake them into crisp cheese puffs.
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If they're pasteurized, they may not whip up properly for things like meringues or cheese puffs. I would experiment with an egg's worth and see if you can get it to whip up to soft or stiff peaks. If you can, then the world is your mollusk.

If not, you may need to stick with recipes for unwhipped egg whites. Try making breakfast tacos, frittatas, or bake egg whites in muffin cups with cooked veggies/meat and optional cheese to make breakfast muffins. Or, I just found this recipe for egg white oatmeal and I totally want to try it. Looks like you basically make stovetop oatmeal and stir in the egg whites.
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Instead of egg white omelettes I make egg white muffins. I cook up some black beans and bell peppers and onions and spinach and whatever else, you obviously know best what you'd personally like to eat. I spoon mounds of that mixture into greased muffin tins and then pour egg whites to fill. Bake until solid, pop out, throw into a tupperware lined with wax paper. Now you have tasty breakfast treats you can heat and eat on demand.

If you want cheese in them I would recommend against melting the cheese in with the bean mixture. You want space in there for the egg whites to fill and melted cheese will fill that space. Instead, cook your bean mixture and let it cool a bit then stir in coarse cheese shreds, then mound and pour. The cheese can melt during the baking process instead.
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A note if you try divinity - it's tricky because it's super-sensitive to weather. If it's a humid day, you can forget about it. It's delicious if it works, though! Just, um, check the weather before starting.
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Well, it's not as fancy as the other answers, but I take cartons of egg whites to work, and make egg sandwiches with an english muffin, a slice or chunk of cheese, and one of these microwave egg cookers. Works great, low-cal breakfast!
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If you can get them to whip up, Ugly But Good Cookies are soooo delightful and easy to make.
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