ID this song?
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There is a song featured in a CBC documentary that I'd like to get for my collection.

The problem is, I can't, for the life of me, ID the title or artist. It's featured at the beginning of the CBC documentary, "Battle of the Bag." It starts at roughly 1 min 20 secs.

The singer sounds a little like David Bowie, but I doubt it's him singing. I have no idea if the song was released, or if it was composed specifically for the film. In the latter case, I doubt I could find it.

Any ideas hive mind folks?
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Have you asked on the website, ?
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Response by poster: Have you asked on the website, ?
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That never even occurred to me. I will contact them if Mefi can't ID it.


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For what it's worth, Sound Hound isn't finding anything.
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Best answer: Shazam identifies it as 'The Plastic Bag Song (Facts)' by Glyn Bailey off an album called 'Toys From Balsa' (2005). Be careful, there are two different musicians named Glyn Bailey.
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Response by poster: Thanks M.E.!
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