Where can I buy this dress?
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I saw an awesome black (linen?) dress with sets of crooked white lines. The woman wearing said dress could only remember that she bought it online. Can you help me track it down?

The dress had 3/4 length loose sleeves and was about knee-length. It fit like a shift dress- there was no waist. It was black and appeared to be made of a linen-like fabric. It had a repeating pattern of crooked white vertical lines. They weren't stripes; they were maybe only 6-8 inches long (meaning, they didn't go up and down the whole dress) and weren't parallel to each other.

Any leads?
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Dusen Dusen has a popular pattern like this, called "black slash" I believe. Plus a couple of other options.
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That one is awesome too! I should clarify though...the lines themselves are straight (and thinner than the ones on that dress), but they are crooked in relation to each other. Sort of like if someone was drunkenly drawing hash/tick marks, but bigger. There are maybe 4 or 5 sections of these lines on the dress.
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Check out Ali Express. The dress comes in white or black.
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Ahhh!! That's totally it, thank you!
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