PS4 wireless headset for a large head
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We need to get a new wireless headset for our PS4 that is adjustable to fit both myself and my husband, who has a larger head.

I have a small to average female head, and my husband has a larger (approx. 24 inches last time we measured him for a hat) head that strains most headsets.

We bought this Turtle Beach headset and were happy with the sound quality but the plastic band over the head cracked in less than a year and now it's pretty much just held together by the wire connecting the two earpieces. We can find a ton of headsets that adjust so that the earpieces move higher/lower, but for some reason it's harder to find one where the band over the top adjusts to get wider/narrower, or else has a springy/flexible headpiece.

We tried on the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset at PAX this year and it seems like it would work - the band over the head is springy rather than hard plastic - but it's wired and $100. If we're going to pay $100+ for a new headset, I'd really prefer it to be wireless. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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One quick tip that may widen your options - it's possible to put all audio through the headphone jack on your PS4 controller, including game audio and chat if you're playing multiplayer. So you could use any set of headphone, not just wireless ones.

Here's how to do that. I do this with both my regular earbuds and better over-the-head headphones and it works really well.
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