Quick Chinese (or possibly Japanese) translation requested
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Hi folks. I have an old electronic panel meter that has Chinese or possibly Japanese writing on it, and I'm curious if anyone here could help translate it for me? Pics of the meter are here. Thank you!
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Here are some pics that aren't mostly upside-down.
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It's of Japanese origin. Some of the characters are blurred in this photo - a closer macro might help.

Here's a rough go at it to give things a start:

Small print along the top, left side: Corporation

Small print along the top, right side: name of the company: something (too blurred for me) River Electronics Manufacturing Company

Large Orange Letters, top: Causing Vibration
Large Orange Letters, bottom: Fine Line (i.e. marking/threshold)

Bottom left: Model number MO-17, (something obscured by glare) 3000V
Bottom right: Serial number R21877, Car accessory apparatus, external/aftermarket use/provision

Hope that helps.
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I think the maker is Yokogawa Electric (based on the small white text across the top). The brown/orange text looks like it was painted onto a standard meter being used in a particular application.
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Thank you! As long as we're here, can anyone read the Japanese on this?
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It says ウラ面 (pronounced ura-men), which simply means "back side".
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Love it. Thank you!
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