Headset with mic MacBook Pro (2016) — preferably using headphone jack
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Hiya. I'm looking to buy a comfortable headset with mic to use with a MacBook Pro. Ideally these would connect to the headphone output and just work, but I'm confused about requirements.

Other things which are nice to have, but not essential:
- be relatively inexpensive (£40 or under)
- be lightweight and on-ear (rather than over-ear or in-ear)

I'm open to a USB headset, though this isn't ideal due to the need for an adaptor (USB C ports only on the Mac). I'd prefer to avoid Bluetooth because of the inconvenience of charging.

Can anyone explain what I need to be looking for to be sure the mic will work through the headphone jack? Is there a particular headset you'd recommend?

Thank you for reading.
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I think you want the term "gaming headset" for searching. Here is the Wirecutter's recommendations. That website is very good at explaining what is good.

There shouldn't be any issues with the headphone jack. Apple now uses an industry standard for that jack (except where they have removed the jack entirely, such as the iPhone 7.)

Wikipedia has far more information than you want about audio jacks.
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Any headset for a phone will work with the MacBook ports as well
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Might be of help to identify a headset with mic that will work: the cable needs 3 rings at the end for a Macbook to recognize the mic. Look at an iPhone earpods cable vs. a regular aux cable.
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I have the newest MacBook Pro and I just use the headphones/mic that came with my iPod...since I don't really use my iPod anymore...
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