Can I replace a locking gas cap with a regular gas cap?
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We have a 2009 Honda Fit. I am far more worried about misplacing the keys for the locking gas cap than I am about people stealing gas from our tiny car. Can I just buy a standard gas cap to replace the locking one, or will that create Check Engine light/gasoline fume issues?
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Best answer: There is a good chance your dealer would swap it out for free- an OEM cap and key is worth more than a standard one and I would guess they regularly deal with cars missing their matching key.
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We have a 2010 Fit that does not have a key-lock gas cap, so I'm pretty sure you can get a regular cap for your '09. I bet the cap from our '10 would fit perfectly.

Just out of curiosity, does the little fuel door not lock on the '09? A key-lock cap tends to be an aftermarket thing in this day and age, and not a factory item.
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Amazon has a non-locking one here for $6.63, but if you're nervous about it you could get an OEM one from Honda.

On my Element I bought the locking cap, and had it set to my ignition key. Cost about $35, and I only used it once.
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I did it on my Chevette, but that was back when Chevettes were a thing people had.
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We just bought a new Honda Fit and it does not have this key feature, just a regular "open gas tank" switch inside the car. So you probably will not have trouble getting this replaced.
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