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Where can I find the Revolutionary Girl Utena fansubs I used to love?

I'm a longtime fan of the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. Before its official licensing and release, a group of fans did their own translation and released it on subtitled tapes. I liked the phrasing of this version much better than the official one that eventually came out, and deeply regretted throwing away my old tapes.

Does anyone else remember this fan translation, and know of a way that I can see it again? It's only been about ten years; I can't imagine that it's entirely disappeared from the planet.
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Do you remember the fansub group? They might still have a presence online, or you could ask around at a place like FansubDB to see if anyone remembers this. They have an IRC channel that might be helpful. You could also ask on r/Anime, someone there might know where to look.

I've found a few places online where you can obtain this anime, but the files look to either be from a DVD or BD, which I'm guessing is the official release that you didn't like.

There was a post on the Blue (I think) a while back about the fansub community in the VCR days - maybe that has some additional places to search.
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Response by poster: Good leads, ralan -- it was called the Utena Translation Project, and was really a one-off organization. (The scripts themselves are still archived here, but not by any of the original crew; I've talked to the administrators of to no avail.) You're right that the subreddit would be a good place to ask around.
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